Seguimos celebrando el MES de LIPEDEMA, con los webinars que organiza la Lipedema World Alliance:


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12 June Wednesday Gabriele 19h CEST “What’s new in nutrition for lipedema” including the S2 German guidelines and latest published research

19 June Wednesday Jose Luis Simarro and Sandro Michelini (19h CEST) clinical diagnosis and differential diagnosis e.g. differentiating lipedema from obesity, cellulite and lymphedema.

24 June Monday 19h CEST Philipp Delphi Lipedema World Alliance Delphi Consensus-Based Position Paper on the Definition and Management of Lipedema: Interim Results

26 June Isabel & Thomas  noon CST US Chicago/ 7 PM Madrid Time.  Isabel  “What we know about compression”  for 20 min.  Tom 15-20 min, “Benefits of LRS Lipedema Reduction Surgery: Improved Leg Pain, Mobility and Knee Mechanics “

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